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Ergolab Stealth Chairs

ErgoLab manufacture ergonomically correct chairs to not only fit your body, but to specifically perform in a manner that is suitable for your demanding work environment.
SA Stealth Chair is superior to any other task or working chair because its patented design allows the chair to move with the user as they move forward and backward to access a keyboard or console. By moving with the user, the chair eliminates unhealthy pressure points, which cut off the blood supply and quickly fatigues muscles. Proper lumbar support is maintained in all positions and the pivoting seat allows the user to move forward by pivoting their entire body instead of bending at the lower back, thereby reducing pressure on the intervertebral discs, up to eight times. The mesh seat and backrest provide breathability to keep you cool, while providing superior support over standard foam and cloth upholstery. Designed and crafted in Colorado, USA, each Stealth Chair is made with superior components which will last much longer than typical office chairs.
Universal-Distribution is the Official Distribution Agent for EMEA - the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. All enquiries welcome.

Stealth Standard Model
Stealth Pro Model

Which Chair is best for me?

Stealth Standard chairs come with a low backrest.
Executive Chairs have a larger backrest.
Seat Size
The Stealth Standard Chair is designed for Users Under 6′ or under 200 Lbs. The smaller seat than the pro allows for a more conforming fit for smaller users while tasking.
Stealth Pro Chairs are designed for Users Over 6′ and/or Over 200 Lbs. The Larger PRO Seat than the standard allows for a more conforming fit for larger or taller users while tasking.
All chair models come with one short and one tall cylinder for operating on all height levels from soundboards and short desks.
Foot Ring
A foot ring is included and can be fitted as an option if required.
Two sets of casters, small and large are included and can be fitted as required.

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Ergolab Executive High Backrest retrofit upgrade

Take your existing stealth Ergolab chair with the standard backrest to the next level of comfort with the executive backrest.

ex VAT£162.50
VAT: £32.50

Ergolab Executive Stealth Chair Pro Chair with Large Seat and High Backrest

The Executive denotes the larger backrest, better for someone who reclines a good deal of the day.

ex VAT£937.50
VAT: £187.50

Ergolab Executive Stealth Chair with Standard Seat and High Backrest

The Stealth™ chair's support system rolls with you as you move back and forth, providing improved support without any harsh pressure on your body.

ex VAT£875.00
VAT: £175.00

Ergolab Performer Series Studio Stool with Backrest

Promote proper body posture while in the chair. The “Free-Float” backrest moves with you as you lean forward, giving you the needed support on your back.

ex VAT£745.84
VAT: £149.17

Ergolab Stealth Chair Pro with Large Seat

The Stealth Pro Touring Chair, which includes a taller cylinder and a strong, stable footring was designed for professional engineers who sit at a high console, board or table.

ex VAT£812.50
VAT: £162.50

Ergolab Stealth Chair with Standard Seat

The revolutionary Stealth Studio Engineer's Chair was designed for professional music, lighting, and video engineers who sit at the height of a regular desk, table or console.

ex VAT£745.84
VAT: £149.17

EU Shipping

EU FlagWe are now shipping Stealth Chairs all over Europe.
Please send us your enquiry with address and country details so we can send you our quotation for door to door delivery.

On Demo

The following UK dealers are pleased to invite customers to their showroom to audition the fabulous Ergolab Stealth chairs in the privacy of their Control Room of Office environment. A great way to test out the feature loaded chair and appreciate the healthcare benefits prior to purchase.

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Sound on Sound

"A very robust and versatile studio chair which also goes higher than most and allows guitar playing without getting in the way!" - Read the full review here -

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