A2-30 Monitor Package - Custom Wood Grain

A2-30 amplifier and monitor combination. In Custom Wood Grain.
Auratone A2-30 Amplifier with Custom Wood Grain 5C Monitor Speakers
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Special Offer

Buy 1 x Auratone Monitoring package including 5c Mix cubes and A2-30 Power amp and speakers cables and get Free of charge 1 x Universal Acoustics Pluto Room kit Charcoal Purple worth £114.00.

Like the 5C Super Sound Cubes, the A2-30 amplifier is full of heart but intentionally short on bells and whistles – nothing but a power switch, a status LED, and pro-grade I/O. Experience the sublime honesty of the Auratone A2-30 + 5C Super Sound Cube combo!

In addition to sounding beautifully neutral and giving the 5C Super Cubes every opportunity to raise auditory ‘red flags’ when aspects of a mix aren’t sitting right — which is obviously its most important characteristic– the Auratone A2-30 amplifier has the same footprint as the Sound cubes so it looks great sitting on the meter bridge or desk.