Universal Distribution Special Offers

Special Offers and deals currently available from Universal Distribution.
Promo offers valid throughout August and September 2022.

Auratone Offer

Auratone Special Offer

Buy 1 x Auratone Monitoring package including 5c Mix cubes and A2-30 Power amp and speakers cables and get Free of charge 1 x Universal Acoustics Pluto Room kit Charcoal Purple worth £114.00.

Direct Sound Offer

Direct Sound Headphones Offer

Buy 1 set of Industry standard EX29 Plus Isolation headphones and get Free of charge 1 x set of HP25 Passive Ear Protector Muffs worth £49.95.

Universal Acoustics Offer

Universal Acoustics Offer

Buy a Mercury M1 Room Kit Charcoal / Purple or Charcoal / Burgundy Model and get Free of charge 1 x matching Pluto 1 Kit worth £114.00

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Cable Wrangler
Direct Sound
Entertainers Secretd
Gig Gear
Stage Ninja
Tierra Audio
Universal Acoustics