Ergolab Performer Series Studio Stool with Backrest

Promote proper body posture while in the chair. The “Free-Float” backrest moves with you as you lean forward, giving you the needed support on your back.
Ergolab Performer series Studio Stool with Backrest
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Comes with the option of glides or casters(shown with glides).
Adjustable foot ring.
Three-dimensional fabric by Polartec.
The "Free-Float" backrest stays with you as you lean forward, giving you continuous support.
Comes standard with Serene Gel Foam.
Distinct anatomically designed seat conforms to the natural shape of the body.
Technologically advanced injection molded foam provides excellent support and comfort.
Seat Groove prevents undue pressure on the tailbone.
Multi-angle pelvic positioning helps reduce lower back strain.
Improved balance point allows you to bend forward and reach further with less strain.
Small seat size allows the closest positioning to the patient.
Five-leg powder-coated aluminum base provides improved stability.
The choice of different height lift mechanisms provides a wide range of adjustment.

Weight 49lb 23kg
Dimensions 23x23x18" 58x58x46cm

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